Community Engagement

The use of social media in Rockingham County Public Schools, VA (RCPS) is intended to promote constructive and effective communication with and between stakeholders in the school division, our schools, and the community.

The purposes of social media communication may include posts to announce, to inform, to educate, to recognize, to celebrate, to build awareness and understanding, to clarify, to entertain, and to share and promote the mission, vision, goals, programs, and initiatives of RCPS.  Discourse and communication on RCPS social media should be professional, respectful, and pertaining to these goals.

Posts and comments on RCPS social media will be monitored by division staff.  Communication of the following kinds will be prohibited:

  1. Profane, vulgar, or obscene

  2. Libelous, defamatory, derogatory, or name-calling

  3. Discriminatory, hateful, or racist

  4. Threatening or harassing

  5. Commercial endorsements, conducting private commercial transactions or engaging in private business activities

  6. Promoting partisan political views or endorsing political campaigns or candidates

  7. Sharing confidential information about students or staff

  8. Personally naming students without parent permission

  9. Copyright violations

  10. Information that could reasonably compromise individual or public safety

  11. **Comments that are inappropriate for this page or irrelevant to the posted topic **

    Rockingham County Public Schools reserves the right to remove (hide or delete) any posts or comments that violate these guidelines.  Repeated violations of these guidelines may lead to a person being blocked from viewing the RCPS Facebook page.