If you are an employee retiring or leaving the division, your Google account will remain active for 30 days after separation, at which point your accounts will be suspended. Your data will remain intact should you return to RCPS. If you return to RCPS, your supervisor can request for your accounts to be re-enabled.

If you are a student graduating or leaving the division, your Google account will remain active for 30 days after your last day of school, at which point your account will be suspended. If you are a high school student graduating early during the school year, you will retain access to your account until June 30 of that school year.


If you are leaving RCPS for any reason and want to take your Google files with you, you will need to manually download any pertinent files/contacts/etc. You will want to take care in such downloads as files containing sensitive student data should not leave the division. Please reach out to Technology Staff via a Help Desk ticket if you need assistance with a task like transitioning files to your replacement at retirement.


Please be aware that with the suspension of your RCPS Google account, you will lose access to any 3rd party websites or apps (like Weebly, Adobe Spark, Storyboard That) for which you have used your RCPS Google login information. To maintain your access, you should either change your username and password or download projects/content.

Transferring Google Files from RCPS to a Personal Google Account
Transferring Info

Watch this video demo to learn the procedure for moving your files from RCPS to a personal Google account:

Here are accompanying written directions: