Third Grade Science

Information about the Third Grade science program at RCPS

Third Grade

Emphasis is placed on the inquiry process, developing investigative skills and understanding the nature of science.

The third grade curriculum focuses on developing student understanding of:

-simple and compound machines and their uses -physical properties of objects -animal behavioral and physical adaptations and response to the environment -relationships among organisms in aquatic and terrestrial food chains -soil, its origins and importance to living things -patterns and cycles in nature including plant and animal life cycles along with the water cycle -the importance of water to living things -how natural events and human actions can affect species -sources of energy

Third Grade Solar Investigation

Third Graders at Linville-Edom Elementary got the opportunity to harness Solar Energy with a Solar Cooker. We attempted to make s’mores. After a long day of checking, we ate our s’mores that had melted chocolate. Even in 41 degree weather, we were able to get the cooker warm enough to melt the chocolate. Below are write ups by students after the experiment and tasting!

Student Writeups

From 9:00 to 2:10. I noticed that the chocolate melted a lot and the marshmallow melted a little bit but not a lot. The sun was not so hot so it took a while to melt the chocolate and marshmallow. When we checked the pot, it was warm.

By Brayden Wilt, 3rd grader

The chocolate is shiny that means that it is melting. The marshmallow is not melted. How much time does it take to cook in the solar oven? When we touched the bottom of the pot, it was warm. We took it outside at 9:00 and brought it in at 2:10.

By David Pacheco, 3rd grader

The chocolate kind of melted because it’s ooey gooey and shiny. The marshmallows kinda melted but then they got a little dry but they’re still edible. When I felt the bottom of the pan, it was kind of warm. The marshmallow was hard. The chocolate was melted and it covered my whole graham cracker.

By Madison Grogg, 3rd grader