Superintendent Search Leadership Profile

The recommended Leadership Profile describes the qualities, characteristics, experiences, and skills the next Superintendent of Rockingham County Schools must demonstrate and possess. This document helps clarify the type of leader who is the "best match and fit” to lead Rockingham County Public Schools forward.

Leadership Profile The Rockingham County School Board seeks an outstanding visionary and instructional leader who can collegially lead a solid school system with a history of success. The successful candidate will have a proven record of positive student achievement and experience working in a similar type of community. The desired candidate will have demonstrated a commitment to collaborating with the School Board, staff, and the community. The final candidate will be student-focused and visible throughout the schools and community. The Board seeks candidates who can demonstrate a combination of the following qualities.


•An instructional leader who has a clear and understandable vision that supports decisions and implementation of initiatives that promote the academic success and well-being of each student.

•A leader who is committed to working with staff and community in an open, encouraging manner, and will identify and provide educational programs that meet the needs of students in RCPS.

•A leader who will exhibit leadership that meet the needs of a broad spectrum of students, including providing behavioral and academic supports to struggling students as well as advocating advanced classes to challenge students and supporting expanded career and technical programs.

•A leader with a strong instructional background and experience guiding technology initiatives and programs which provide multiple opportunities for all students.


•A good listener who encourages open communication, practices transparency, and works to build trust and support.

·A visible and approachable leader who is committed to working cooperatively with the School Board, Board of Supervisors, staff, students, parents, and community.

·An excellent collaborator who will bring all segments of a diverse community together.

·A confident decision-maker who will listen to divergent points of view before making a final decision.


·A leader with strategic planning expertise who can make the best use of available resources and address growth of an increasingly diverse community.

·An effective manager who utilizes operational expertise to assure the system’s fiscal and human resources are assigned to benefit every student.

·A collaborative leader and manager, who can move Rockingham County forward and navigate change by building and sustaining positive relationships with the School Board,  Board of Supervisors, parents, and community.

·A leader who will create and implement a plan, which includes the necessary fiscal and human resources, designed to increase staff diversity at all levels, and establish programs that benefit all students.


•An inclusive leader with unquestioned integrity known for building a culture of respect.

•A transparent, affirming leader who is politically astute with the courage to address issues necessary for the benefit of students.

•An energetic, genuine, and compassionate leader who will advocate and support teachers and staff and will collaborate with the Board, staff, parents and community to benefit each and every student’s needs.

·A student-focused leader who is ethical, dedicated, thick-skinned and who is visible in the schools and in the extended community.

About the Superintendent Search

The Rockingham County School Board is conducting a national search for the next Superintendent. The Board has contracted BWP & Associates to assist in the search process. BWP & Associates has conducted more than 45 successful superintendent searches over the past several years and has more than 15 years of experience conducting superintendent searches in Virginia. The School Board expects to finalize the search and have the new Superintendent officially assume the job in the Summer of 2023.

BWP & Associates is using a four-step process to conduct the superintendent search.

Step 1- Specification

  • Engage employees and the community in discussion
  • Identify the experiences, qualities and skills the next superintendent must possess and demonstrate
  • Create leadership profile and description
  • Seek School Board approval of profile and post vacancy
  • Begin recruiting candidates

Step 2- Recruitment

  • Goal- find outstanding candidates
  • Advertisements in national publications and websites
  • Nominations from extensive network
  • Personal Contacts

Step 3- Assessment

  • Review online applications and other documentation
  • Identify group for further consideration
  • Conduct informal interviews
  • Conduct formal and informal reference checks

Step 4- Selection

  • BWP & Associates will present a slate of candidates to the School Board

  • School Board selects candidate for initial and final interviews

  • BWP & Associates provides information and materials to assist Board with interviews