RCPS Preschool

Preschool in RCPS

Overview of Preschool

Full Day Program Monday-Friday Bus Transportation Provided

Maximum Class Size - 18 students

Highly-qualified Instructional Staff: -Teacher certified in early childhood education -Teacher's Assistant in every classroom

Support Services Staff: -Family Services Worker -Preschool Nurse


-To support young children’s eagerness to learn -To help young children develop positive attitudes toward school experiences -To support young children so they have opportunities to become successful with the school curriculum -To provide families with support so they can help their child develop skills necessary for school success -To help families link with available community resources

Invitation to Parents and Contact Information

-Visit in the classroom. -Help with classroom activities. -Come with your child on class field trips. -Check out school books to read at home with your child. -Come to parent-teacher conferences. -Learn about opportunities for adult education and job training. -Come to parent meetings and learn about child development, about helping children through family literacy, and about healthy foods.

For more information, please contact Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Learning, Larry Shifflett at 540-564-3204.


The State Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), and Rockingham County Public Schools provide funds to support preschool programs in public schools for at-risk four-year-old children.

Initial Screening

Pre-School Screenings Available

If you live in Rockingham County and suspect that your preschool-age child may have a disabling condition, or have concerns about your child’s development, you may request a screening. Developmental, speech/language, vision, and hearing screenings are available at no cost to parents.

Please refer to the information on this site for details on how to proceed: Screening Procedures

If you have questions about this process, please contact Scott Hand, Rockingham County Director, Pupil Personnel Services, at 540-564-3228 or email shand@rockingham.k12.va.us