Middle School Science

Middle School Science program at RCPS

Middle School Science

In eighth grade there is an SOL test that covers the entire middle school curriculum.

In the sixth grade, students study transformations of energy and matter are explored in physical and biological systems. They investigate the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere. Students investigate the role of solar energy in driving natural processes. Students also explore water, its properties and their watershed.

In the seventh grade Life Science students study lifecycles, patterns, and relationships in the living world. Classification, cell theory, interdependence of organisms, adaptations within a biome, and biological changes over time are also covered.

In the eighth grade student's develop a deeper understanding of nature and the structure of matter and energy than in earlier grades. Major areas of study are: The Periodic Table, physical and chemical changes, nuclear reactions, temperature and heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism, as well as work, force, and motion.