Fifth Grade Mathematics

Information about the Math 5 programs at RCPS

Math 5

The fifth-grade standards place emphasis on number sense with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. This focus includes concepts of prime and composite numbers, identifying even and odd numbers, and solving problems using order of operations for positive whole numbers. Students will develop proficiency in the use of fractions and decimals to solve problems. Students will collect, display, and analyze data in a variety of ways and solve probability problems, using a sample space or tree diagram. Students also will solve problems involving volume, area, and perimeter. Students will be introduced to variable expressions and open sentences, and will model one-step linear equations in one variable, using addition and subtraction. Students will investigate and recognize the distributive property. All of these skills assist in the development of the algebraic concepts needed for success in the middle grades.

Students are encouraged to use correctly the concepts, skills, symbols, and vocabulary identified in the standards.