Rockingham's Digital Conversion

In the late spring of 2014, the RCPS School Board and Rockingham County Board of Supervisors agreed to begin a five year project that has the potential to fundamentally change the learning environment in our schools. This ‘digital conversion’ initiative is focused on enhancing student learning by providing access to digital tools and resources whenever and wherever they are needed.

​Although this project will result in the distribution of digital devices to students, the focus of this initiative is not the technology itself but the enhancement of learning. We recognize and emphasize that many learning situations do not require technology. At the same time, the impact of technology on our world is only increasing, and it is critical that students can live and learn responsibly in the digital world. ​The stated mission of our school division is to provide an innovative and exceptional education, and the digital conversion initiative is a major step in this direction.

​Please join us on this journey of providing the best available learning tools to our teachers and students.