Protecting Students' Privacy Online
Online Privacy


For RCPS Staff

This 1-hour interactive online course for educators will introduce the topic of student online privacy and offer concrete best practices for managing the risks to students. It will include specific tools and methods for assessing the privacy and security of products commonly used in the classroom, and it will support teachers in mitigating the risk of student data being compromised.

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1. Visit this website at Common Sense education and sign in with your Google account.

2. Complete the activity and end survey.

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Thank you for your interest in this important topic!

Everyday Best Practices

Don't store student data on flash drives. They are easy to lose and could put the data at risk.

Be careful about putting student data into emails or email attachments because those emails could be an educational record. Keep in mind that parents and others can read the emails if they ask to see them.

Don't store student data in online services such as Dropbox or your personal Google account. Use your RCPS Google account.

Even when you use your RCPS Google account, make sure that the sharing permissions on the document, sheet, or folder are locked down as tightly as they can be.