Mission Statement

The Rockingham County Public School Board and leadership value respectful and productive community dialogue.

This initiative is intended to develop a framework for dialogue to address challenging issues that affect public education in Rockingham County.

The framework sets the parameters for respectful, solutions-oriented dialogue among our diverse community moving forward.

Insights from community dialogue will be submitted to the RCPS School Board, which is solely responsible for policy development and decision-making on the next steps.

RCPS Community Dialogue Process for 2022 Topic: How best to create a safe and caring environment for all RCPS students


Advisory Planning Group (November 2021 – Present) RCPS Community Dialogue Advisory Group Members: Catherine Barnes, Facilitator Dee Grimm Katie LaPira Renee Reed Amanda Ritchie Oskar Scheikl Joe Showker

Core Dialogue Group (Meets over 5 sessions in March and May 2022) Group of 15-20 stakeholders who have deep connections to RCPS, a shared passion for public education, and who come from diverse roles, backgrounds, and perspectives reflective of the rich diversity of the county.  They will engage in deep dialogue to identify core issues, concerns, and values, which are also explored within existing RCPS structures in order to frame the public community dialogue

Public Community Dialogue (Fall 2022) How to create a safe and caring environment for everyone in RCPS (watch for more details)

Insight and Ideas to School Board (Fall 2022)